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A sari story
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Indian Styles Need Not Be a Sari Story
New York Herald Tribune 1968
by Noelle d’Aulnay

Paris, March 22- Anyone who thinks that Indian fashions start and stop with the sari should take a look at the new dress-shorts, pants-suits and shirt-dresses at Mohanjeet, an Indian Boutique that has just opened in the garden courtyard of 12 Rue Jacob.
"The sari is nice, but you really cannot wear it very much," Mohanjeet Grewal, the owner of the shop, proclaimed the other day. "Indian fabric should not always be made into archaic sari dresses. It is such a typical thing here…heavily embroidered bodice and a border at the hem. They have been making the same kind of sari dress since Europe and America discovered India."
Although Western in style, Miss Grewal’s Paris-made sports clothes and cocktail dresses have a definite Eastern feeling.

Minisari Applauded
At a recent showing at the Indian Embassy the minisari of pink and mauve silk received the loudest applause. A close second was the luminescent-red, silk coat-dresse, a simple, double-breasted trench coat design that is elegantly edged with gold embroidery and lined in deep orange silk…
The clothes are of beautiful hand-made Indian silks, cottons and embroidered fabrics, all of which selected by Miss Grewal, who feels that the Indians are masters of printing, embroidery, weaving and dyeing.